1 février 2019

Figures and impacting actions of leChaudron.io in 2018

A « Digital Tour de France » for the employees of the french social security branch », a creative code grade launched in Vendée, a first promotion of 20 digital monitors, two deployments in Crédit du Nord’s bank branches … The year 2018 was particularly dense, rich in travels and large projects for LeChaudron.io. The team met, sensitized and trained several thousand people. It has also started to explore ways of internationalization. Summary of the last 12 months.


2018 at the Chaudron.io, impacting actions :


  • 1,350 students, teachers, administrative staffs or parents attended the Code & Make workshops at Saint Gabriel educational establishment


  • 25 students attend 5h of digital culture every week within the creative code grade named “Archimede” in Saint Gabriel.


  • 10 job seekers, and 10 employees of SGAR and Saint Nazaire Agglomération (local public administration) or Groupe La Poste (French post service ou qq chose du genre) graduated as Digital Monitors with the aim to support populations towards Pix certification (french public initiative to develop and certificate digital skills).


  • More than 2,000 Urssaf employees took part in the Chaudron.io workshops as part of an Urssaf Digital Week that covered 22 cities in France



  • 570 children from the Vendée (western France) region welcomed at zBis, a fablab in Saint-Georges-de-Montaigu, for Code & Make workshops, which allow kids to learn creative code and discover digital fabrication such as 3D printing to create their projects.


  • 250 workshops at ACOSS (administration of the french social security branch) to raise the awareness of Social Security employees about digital issues, and help them to build skills in order to rethink their professions and services


  • And international opportunities for 2019, in Singapore and Ho Chi Minh


It’s also happened in 2018 :

  • The Chaudron.io became laureate of the Booster program of Réseau Entreprendre (a state-approved, leading player of the job creation in territories in France), in order to realize its development projects


  • On November 23, the Chaudron.io also attended the Educatec-Educatice, an EdTech TradeShow in Paris, to present the Archimede course on the Caisse des Dépôts (a French public sector financial institution) stand.


Otherwise, multiple missions have helped us enrich our educational programs :

  • The top executive program
  • The collaborative leadership program
  • The creative technologist program
  • The bits & atoms program : become makers
  • The Digital Monitors Program
  • The Next Gen program

Each of these programs is also available in individual coaching, intensive course or pop-up school within your organization

And last but not least, Le Chaudron.io welcomed 7 new team members.


Focus on Archimède – Creative code class

Since September 2018, 25 sixth graders have participated in the Archimède grade led by LeChaudron.io at the Saint Gabriel private school, in Saint-Laurent-sur-Sèvre, Vendée. They attend 5 hours of digital culture a week in order to develop creativity and critical thinking in an ever more digital world. Our inspiration : sports-studies or music training courses in the code-creative sector.

Students explore digital from many perspectives, including its history, major players, and technological breakthroughs. They are also trained to use tools like desktop, web browsers, programming interface, graphic design, … Their latest creation : interactive Christmas cards made with Scratch to understand the programing first steps.

More than class Archimède, it’s all students, teachers, supervisors and parents who take part to workshops to embrace digital challenges. Through those workshops they discover and understand social networks or how to secure their digital tools as smartphones or computers.


Focus on Le Chaudron corporate in bank agencies

During 3 weeks at the Paris Haussmann flagship agency of Crédit du Nord, and 1 week at the head office of the Nuger bank in Clermont-Ferrand, we gathered 940 customers and employees in the heart of the bank agencies. During one month, Le Chaudron.io conducted 88 workshops and mini conferences to reinvent the role of banking agencies. The audience discovered and practiced pitch, mindmapping, talking on LinkedIn and Twitter, code, artificial intelligence and 3D printing. 

Watch the video of the event